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Highest Quality Aftermarket Products.

All of our aftermarket products are built with the highest standards on the market, either meeting or exceeding many of the OEM requirements.


Lowest Price.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality aftermarket products at the lowest possible cost. Where typically our products are 10-30% lower cost than OEM prices.


Unmatched Request for Quote (RFQ) Service.

No one can match our request for quote personal touch. You can reach one of our representatives directly with a single dial anytime you a need a price quote or have a question.

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A Message from Xtreme Wear Parts ( XWP),

Xtreme Wear Parts Inc. was established in 2016 and operates out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

XWP is a distributor of high quality durable aftermarket parts for a variety of different types of heavy equipment.

We have quickly built a reputation of excellence and are growing to become a key service provider for aftermarket parts for the heavy construction and mining industries across North America.

With our qualified and experienced personnel, we have a deep knowledge of many types of forestry equipment to answer any of your replacement aftermarket part questions.

On behalf of XWP, we truly appreciate your support and patronage, and look forward to providing solutions for your future equipment needs.


XWP Management