Dual G1 Carbides | Single M24 Bolt Style | Replaces AHWI & FECON Swing Hammer Forestry Mulcher Teeth on Models - 47EXC, 62SS, 62EXC, 74SS, 74EXC, 85SS, BH062, BH074, BH085, BH120-SD, BH250HF & BH350 Part# BH46BP-2 / BH46BFS26

  • Repalcement for Brand: Fecon - AWHI
  • Product Code: XFM-AH134
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  • Free Shipping: On 12 or more Teeth per Order


Teeth & Bit Specifications
Fits OEM Model (s) Fecon AHWI Models - 47EXC | 62SS | 62EXC | 74SS | 74EXC | 85SS| BH062 | BH074 | BH085 | BH120-SD | BH250HF | BH350
Replaces OEM Part# BH46BP-2 / BH46BFS26
Number of Teeth per Drum/Wheel BH405-45 Assembly on Model 47EXC Qty 18 Teeth | BH405-51 Assembly on Models 62SS & 62EXC Qty 24 Teeth | BH405-31 Assembly on Model 74EXC Qty 30 Teeth | BH405-41 Assembly on Model 85SS Model Qty 36 Teeth | BH405-51 Assembly on Model BH062 Qty 24 Teeth | BH405-31 Assembly on Model BH074 | BH405-41 Assembly on Model BH085 Qty 36 Teeth | BB120-SD Qty 48 Teeth | BH255-21 Assembly Model BH250HF Qty 48 | BH255-22 Assembly on Model BH250HF Qty 48 | BH255-32 Assembly on Model BH250HF Qty 30 | BH255-52 Assembly on Model BH250HF Qty 60 | BH255-60 Assembly on Model BH250HF Qty 24 | BH255-27 Assembly on Model BH250HF Qty 36 | BH350 Qty 48 Teeth
Cutter Type Premium Dual G1 Carbide Tips Built with the Highest Grade of Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Composition
Alloy Body Composition 42CrMo
Alloy Body Hardness HRC 40-42
Bolt(s) Required Qty 1 (M24 x 2.0 x 100mm, Grade 10.9, HEX Head c/w Stover Nut)
Weight 4.77 lbs
Application Wood Chipping
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