ASV RT120 Forestry Mulcher | Replacement Rubber Track Size 457x101.6x513R

  • Repalcement for Brand: Terex / ASV
  • Product Code: 457x101.6x513R
  • Availability: In Stock


Rubber Track Details
Fits Models ASV SR80, RT75, RT75HD, RT120, RT120F | Terex PT75, PT80, PT100G, PT110, R265T, R350T | Caterpillar 277C, 277C-2, 277D, 287C, 287D, 297C, 297D
Track Description 457x101.6x513R
Tread Pattern Straight Bar Pattern
Best Performance Snow & Ice | Hill Climbing | Dirt | Mud | Grass
Track With (mm) 457 mm
Pitch Length (mm) 101.6 mm
Total # of Links 51 - 3 Rows of Lugs
Weight (lbs / kg) 275 lbs / 125 kgs
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